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Butcher Quarter x Keaton Cooper Supper Club

Deansgate   26th Jan @ 07:00am
The Butchers Quarter in collaboration with Keaton Cooper, a finalist for young chef of the year 2021 & who is currently working in a Michelin Star restaurant. We invite yo...
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Welcome to
The Butcher's Quarter

We aim to be the best Butcher, Deli and Tasting Rooms in Manchester!

We have sourced the finest artisan suppliers. For all of our fresh meat, we source locally and are very proud of that.

Our cheeses, cured meats and wines are sourced nationally and internationally.

We and all of our suppliers share the same ethos. Get to know small dedicated producers that make great products with pride!

Many of our suppliers are 'one man/women bands' or family businesses that have been doing their craft for many years. We choose our own produce in many cases – but equally rely on fantastic partners that share our ethos of artisan quality.

Meat, Cheese & Wine


Our Beef

Our meat comes from 2 farms in Cheshire – only 20-30 miles from the shop. The cattle are all free-range, grass fed in the growing season and grown to the highest levels of husbandry available. Our prime cuts are 28-38 days dry aged on average.

We can age specific cuts longer for customers by order. The dry aging process adds huge flavour and makes our meat taste like 'it used to'.

Pork & Chicken

Our Pork & Chicken

Born and Reared Outdoors. Always. That is the promise from our main suppliers at Packington and is so important to us. If ever there was a sector of the industry that is abused and animal husbandry neglected or ignored it is with the industrial production of pigs and chickens. Husbandry is vital to us at a simple human level.

We will never stock pork or chicken from industrialised sources where so much abuse of the food supply chain take place. We are firm believers that our animals have led good, healthy, outdoor, free range and low-stress lives. At a butcher shop level, their meat will be more wholesome and flavoursome for our customers.

Lamb... & Eggs

Our Lamb... & Eggs

Comes from a single source – Great House Farm, Helmshore in Lancashire. Only 18 miles North of the shop. The 300-acre farm is run by John and his brother Richard – who have perfected their lamb breeding over the last 25 years.

The lambs are free range and are grass fed, and the breeding process has resulted in the ultimate blend of hardiness for the location and flavour.

The lamb we serve is typically 12 months old and has been born and reared in the field.

John's daughters are responsible for our eggs and they are as free range as they get! The barn can comfortably hold 2000 free range birds – yet there are only 400 or so roaming around on the fresh straw. Unless of course they are outside grazing on grass or wild flowers!


Our Cheeses

We are delighted to be in association with IJ Mellis of Edinburgh - one of the best Cheesemongers in the UK.

Partner and founder Iain Mellis has worked in the British cheese industry for almost 40 years. His philosophy is all about great flavour.

Farmhouse cheese differs from mass-produced factory cheese because the milk comes from a single herd rather than several different sources. The milk is usually unpasteurised which means that the defining flavour-characteristics are left untouched.

Like a fine malt whiskey, farmhouse cheese is made from the highest quality ingredients, using pure, unadulterated methods, resulting in a product of exceptional taste. The majority of our cheese is sourced directly from small family-run farms, who hand-make their products within walking distance of the pastures on which the animals graze.

This detailed knowledge of the chain of production is vital for us to guarantee the quality of our products. In our view if a product passes the Mellis taste test we are 100% confident that it will be ethically and beautifully produced – and will be delicious!


Our Wine

Our wine is mainly supplied by Reserve wines. Kate Goodman founded Reserve back in 2003 and since then the Reserve team has travelled the world selecting interesting quality driven wines for customers.

Having worked alongside some of the world's top chefs as the drinks expert on BBC's Food & Drink Kate has also picked up a thing or two about matching food with great wine! We will always update our offer to keep things fresh showcasing wines from small family vineyards around the world.

Cured Meats

Our Cured Meats

An international experience awaits with our cured meats from Scotland, France, Spain, Mainland Italy and some exquisite wild boar prosciutto and sausage from Sardinia!

We have a variety of sources – all of whom are passionate about what they do and the authenticity of their meats.

Our Tasting Rooms

Inspired by butchers and delis on the back streets of Rome – we have attempted to create a space where you can enjoy our produce – in a very relaxed atmosphere. We will do organised tasting events but in general our tasting space is simply for you to pop in on the way home from the office.

Our tasting rooms allow you to spend a little time sampling some Cheese, Charcuterie and maybe a glass of something to go with it! Perhaps some freshly sliced Serrano with a dry Sherry – or a small piece of Gorgonzola with one of our Primitivos

The Butcher's Quarter - Tasting Room
The Butcher's Quarter - Tasting Room
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The Butcher's Quarter - Deli meats
The Butcher's Quarter  - Cheese selection
The Butcher's Quarter - Cured meats
The Butcher's Quarter - Cheeses
The Butcher's Quarter - Wines