Meet Reece

Tib Street

How long have you been with BQ?
2 years in September

What does the average day look like?
So, it may be easier for me to talk you through my week. Monday – WE ARE CLOSED! WAHOO!

Tuesday, we aim to get the counter filled with fresh deliveries from our suppliers.

Wednesday is sausage making  and lamb delivery day. Making sausage is a labour of love and there’s a lot of pressure as our customers LOVE them!

Thursday is general prep for the weekend ahead so a bit of everything. At this time of year, its BBQ season so it’s lots of marinades, skewers, kebabs etc!

Friday and Saturday are busy days in the shop serving, making sure all our guests leave happy with some tasty goodies.

Sunday, Thomas and I alternate so it’s either a day off or a big clean up day to get the shop back in shape for a fresh week.

What do you love most about your job?
I adore working in Manchester City Centre. We get a lot of characters coming through the door that brightens your day!

Compared to my previous job, our customers are a slightly younger crowd to what you’d assume at a butcher’s shop and are all massive foodies which makes it a pleasure to serve them!

Due to Manchester’s huge cultural diversity, serving people from a range of backgrounds really makes for some interesting conversations – its brilliant!

What makes BQ Special?
Not cutting corners on quality is one thing we are very proud of. Holding ourselves to a high standard of quality of meat/service makes our job harder but way more rewarding.

We have such close relationships with our farmers, knowing them by name and being in conversation with them most weeks is rare and we are very proud of it.

What’s your favourite meat?
It’s got to be lamb. Our farmer John, brings us the best lamb I’ve ever worked with, so it’s amazing to be able prepare such quality produce for our customers.

My favourite cut would be a bone in, thick cut leg of lamb chop! Cooked rare in the middle it is always a treat.

Do you cook? If so, what kind of thing do you like to cook for yourself?
Even though I’m a butcher, I don’t eat masses of meat, I just eat high quality meat when I do. So trying to give myself a balanced diet is important, using fresh vegetables from other local businesses.

Being in such a foodie environment such as the NQ, it’s always good to get new ingredients and try new ideas out in the kitchen.

When you’re out what is your go to dish/type of food?
It’s got to be a good, hearty curry! Of all varieties, not just from one type of cuisine whether it be Indian or Thai. I just love it. I can’t help but visit This & That for a quick, lunch time curry.

Wine or Beer?
Well before I started at BQ, I’d say beer everyday but working with the quality wines that we do, it’s hard to say no! So I find myself leaning towards wine as the answer, unless a G&T is on the cards then…

Reece is hosting a lamb butchery masterclass on the 31st May. We still have a couple of tickets left.