Meet The Team – Lucas

BQ Bitesize — Tib Street

Regulars at Tib Street and at Bitesize will see a familiar face most days – Lucas.

Want to know more about the BQ General Manager? Well you’re in luck

How long have you been with BQ?
I have been with Butchers Quarter since midway through lockdown in 2020. So it’s coming up to 4 years very soon. Considering it started as a Saturday job, I’ve been there a fair amount of time now! Time flies!

What does an average day look like?
Well, there is no average day! We are a small team in such a busy shop that each day varies. One day I can be sat at my laptop placing orders, sorting invoices etc, the next I can be lifting full cows being delivered from Castle Belties farm. One thing that is constant is that no matter how busy, we always make time for a proper natter with our suppliers and loyal customers.

What do you love most about your job?
As I said, no day is the same, especially now we have our little hidden gem, BQ Bitesize. I’m constantly kept on my toes with new challenges every day! From serving our guests at the cafe, to pressing burgers, organising our wine shelves or getting a shed load of admin done. Oh and the meat isn’t too bad either!

What makes BQ special?
We all care so much about the produce we sell, where we source it from, its quality and we care about what our customers want. Often, well get guests saying, were dying to find ‘hot honey’ for example, then that’s it, were instantly on the hunt. We think this kind of personal service makes a difference to us and our guests.

You are the wine buyer – what would be your ‘go to’ wine?
The wine shelves are my labour of love at the shop. We constantly try to keep the shelves fresh and full of ever changing wines, which means what my ‘go to’ wine changes all the time too. That being said, currently, I CANNOT GET ENOUGH, of the Rofe Blanco, from Sager & Wine which is a blend of Malvasia, Listan Blanco & Diego (not your average grapes, I know!). The Rofe, is a white from Lanzarote, from which the soil of the vineyard is volcanic, which transfers into the final wine. Smokey, slightly salty with bags of citrus, it is certainly unique, but bloody delicious. Amazing with ANYTHING cooked in a wood oven or BBQ.

You love to cook – what’s your signature dish?
I do love to cook! I recently got a Gozney outdoor pizza oven, so I’m currently cooking LITERALLY EVERYTHING in that. So I’d have to go for a classic anchovy, caper & artichoke pizza or a chunky Cote de Boeuf, with chimichurri, crispy spuds and some greens (preferable in-season British asparagus!)

When you’re out – what is your ‘go to’ dish/type of food?
Ramen. Without a doubt. It’s such a labour of love to get the broth packed full of flavour that I just don’t have time (or patience) to do it, so a big, slurpy bowl of ramen has got to be the one.

So much going on in Manchester at the minute – where has really stood out for you recently?
Big question. I recently had an amazing meal at Another Hand on Deansgate Mews. A classic case of amazing, talented chefs using quality produce singing on the plate! Oh also, Green Arches Brewery in Redbank. Get yourself there for some amazing beer that couldn’t be more local if they tried.

Wine or beer?
Jeez. Thats like asking me to choose between my dog or lizard! I drink a LOT of beer, but sometimes its just got to be a glass of wine! But I simply can’t choose.